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Fall Plans - for the 2018-2019 season


The leaves are starting to change and the days are getting shorter.  While friends and family may bemoan the end of summer, we know good things come once the snow begins to fall.  But good things like an awesome powder run or a perfect day-long ski tour don’t just happen without some work.  DHASH executive committee members have been busy planning our fall activities that will make skiing at Dutch Hill even better for the 2019 season, and we hope you’ll join us to “earn your turns.”


You Spoke, We Listened

Our end-of-season survey of Dutch Hill users was overwhelmingly positive.  Many of you had great experiences at Dutch Hill and provided suggestions for improvements.  DHASH and the U.S. Forest Service are listening, and our 2018 Operating and Maintenance Plan reflects many of those suggestions.  See the full survey results here.


Here’s what’s on tap for Fall 2018:

  • Additional clearing on Yankee Doodle. We’ll be taking out some more trees (but not too many!) to make skiing a bit safer and more enjoyable, and to widen the middle section so it doesn’t get skied off as quickly. No need to worry though—coming down Yankee will still have that feeling of skiing through the trees.

  • Work on the uptrack. We’re clearing the old J-bar lift line to provide an alternate route past Dutch Meadows, and planning additional clearing on Meadows Extension. A wider trail means uphill travelers, downhill skiers, and snowshoers will all have more room to roam; cross-country skiers can have more room to descend route back from the summit.

  • Additional clearing and continued mowing of Dutch Meadows. This scenic open slope at the bottom of Dutch Hill is a popular sledding spot with the local community, and its gentle pitch is a great place for those just learning to backcountry ski.

  • Two new glades! Well, at least one new glade, and possibly two if we get the help we need (hint, hint!). We’ll be clearing from upper Dyke down to Yankee Corner, which then continues to the lower Dyke. If time allows, we’ll also start working on a nearly top-to-bottom glade paralleling the old Christiana ski trail; we’ve dubbed this area the Christiana Woods.

  • A touring route to the “true” summit of Dutch Hill. Backcountry touring, cross country skiing, heading off into the puckerbrush—call it what you want, but many of us like to explore the less vertical parts of the Green Mountains as well. From the top of the ski area, we’ll be doing some work on an informal route that leads a half mile and 250 feet higher to the top of Dutch Hill the hill—not the ski area—which boasts a spectacular view to the northeast.

  • Signs and markers. Dutch Hill is a backcountry area, and we want to preserve that backcountry feel by not filling the woods with signs and markers. On the other hand, we want everyone at Dutch Hill, not just experienced backcountry explorers, to have a safe and enjoyable visit. We’ll be working with the Forest Service to mark the uptrack and to place signs at the tops of the ski runs, trying to strike the perfect balance between helping you figure out where you’re going, and making it feel like you’re heading off into the wilds.

  • A kiosk and (hopefully!) plowed parking area. Maybe you’ve seen the wonderful new trailhead kiosks the Forest Service has installed through the Green Mountain National Forest at places like the Long/Appalachian Trail and even Brandon Gap. Dutch Hill will be getting one too! And we’re currently working with a local contractor to see about having the parking lot plowed on big powder days.

  • More snow for 2019! (if you know how to make this happen, we’d love to work with you on it)


We Need Your Help!

Great skiing (and riding, and snowshoeing, and sledding) at Dutch Hill doesn’t just happen.  Volunteers put in over 400 hours of work last year to make the Dutch Hill experience great for winter 2018.  We need your help to do the same for the upcoming snow season. Please consider attending one of our four fall work days:

  • Sunday, September 23

  • Saturday, October 6

  • Saturday, October 20

  • Sunday, November 4

sledding cropped.jpg

Progress Update - as of Oct 28, 2018

view from DH true summit 2.jpg
DSC01779 (Small).JPG

Our most important plan for the 2018-2019 season?  To have even more fun than we did last year.  Here are some images from our 2017-2018 end-of-season celebration, which featured snowshoe, XC, and skin up-ski down tours at Dutch Hill, plus a cookout and bonfire.

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